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This Is the Most Bizarre Talking Heads Interview

Posted on June 12 2016

The strangest piece of the Talking Heads history occurred when the band agreed to sit down with a reporter from "adult entertainment" magazine Oui. It's more strange than the time we all watched David Byrne dance with a lamp.


What really makes it odd is that the band, who had such a clean image, would agree to sit down and answers questions like, "Which Talking Head has the biggest microphone?" when they didn't even need the press! 

The interview took place in late-1979 when the band had already released two well received albums, and had scored a big hit with "Take Me to the River." They didn't need a boost from the magazine "For The Man Of The World," yet they endured Oui's awful line of questioning. 

As for the interview itself, Tina really does most of the talking, and many question are directed at her: "Does your period ever affect your performance?" Jerry and David are on the record with just one answer each, though both seem unwilling to play along with the interviewer.

Oui: As the Talking Heads get better, do you get laid more?
David: About 25 percent more.

If the pictures in the article are any indication, none of them were really too pleased with having to suffer this indignity. 

Christina Bottego