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Dig List: Ike Turner's "A Black Man's Soul"

Posted on July 18 2016

DIG LIST |'dig 'list| noun

  • A grouping of vinyl records you'd like to find while browsing used bins.
  • A series of vinyl records that would deliver greater satisfaction were they found for sale in the world, as opposed bought on the internet.


What are some records on your list of fantasy finds? Stuff you want to find for a buck out in the wild, you know?  One such record for us is Ike Turner's "A Black Man’s Soul."

There’s nothing like that record. Nothing else that is always just the kind of groove we want to be in. Nothing else so perfectly pairs funk and soul in a way that makes our whole being vibrate. This is a soundtrack for walking through midtown, through downtown, and walking just about any where. You not only feel like the coolest person around with this album is on, but you actually are the coolest person around. You might want to put a word in with St. Peter that on your walk up to the gates, those angels playing horns should sound something this.

Released in 1969 on Pompeii, an exclusive R&B label, this is the second release of Ike Turner & The King’s of Rhythm. (Can you believe it’s their second release?)

Funk like this wasn’t coming along until years later when everyone was done being a hippy. But there are still some swingin’ tunes on here that clue you in as to just where this album falls in the timeline. "Black’s Alley" gets you moving in the way some early 60’s tracks do, but none quite like Ike.


The collector out there might be saying “you can get this on the net for like $12.” Yeah, true. But that’s where the mystery lies. Basic economics tells us if a record costs about $12, there are either of two scenarios going on: 1) the market is saturated with this Ike album driving the cost down to about $12 OR 2) the demand for this album is relatively low.

If either of these are true, this Ike album (or any - where are all the Ike Turner records?) would be turning up in used bins all over the place. But in our years of flipping through used bins, we’ve never turned one up. Have you?

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Christina Bottego