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A Stranger Things Playlist, Dischord Records, and Brian Eno!

Posted on August 01 2016

We click on a lot of links when we aren't out scouting for new records. Every Monday, we serve up the three links that we found to be the most exciting or interesting over the last week. Enjoy!

  1. [Spoiler Free] Stranger Things What do you do after you've finished watching Netflix's Stranger Things? You jump over to Spotify and listen to that sweet, sweet soundtrack as you discuss everything you loved about the show. (Did you love it? We did!) Sure, there are some uncool jams in there (looking at you Corey Hart and Toto), but there is also some Reagan Youth, Joy Division, and The Seeds! Get over to Spotify and roll a critical hit on having a good time!

Did you hear that Dischord Records made their entire catalogue available on Bandcamp last week? Pretty amazing, right? Now we can stream Government Issue and The Nation of Uylsses from wherever we are! This is a major win for fans, for anyone just discovering the Dischord scene, and for the label. So much great old music to listen to this week!

  1. A physicist met Brian Eno and discovered a close link between the physics underlying the first moments of the cosmos and Eno's music. It's a wild article--here's an except to entice you:
    1. "I wondered why an artist like Brian would be interested in matters of space-time and relativity. The more I got to know Brian, I knew it wasn’t a time filler, or for his health. What I was about to discover during my two years in London was that Brian was something I’ve come to call a “sound cosmologist.” He was investigating the structure of the universe, not inspired by music, but with music."
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