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A CBGB Mystery, Discogs and Dad Rock, and more!

Posted on August 08 2016

Another week, another batch of links! We watch a lot of videos, and read a lot of music stories during the week. These are the best of what we found last week--only the best, only for you!

  1. The Mystery of CBGB's Missing Awnings!
    1. There were three, or maybe four(?), authentic CBGB awnings: the original, its replacement, and the final awning that's now in the museum. Only the location of the latter was known... until now.
  1. The Discogs Top 50, Who Knew?
    A cool little feature of Discogs that we weren't aware of until now is this monthly top 50 they publish. The list consists of the 50 records that had the most sales in the previous month. None of it is really THAT surprising, expect to see Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and Fleetwood Mac. What did surprise us was that Supertramp and Dire Straits cracked the list. Kinda weird if you ask us. 
  2. What It Takes For an Independent Record Store To Survive Now
    Really great piece from the folks over at Pitchfork profiling Columbus, Ohio record shop, Used Kids. Do you stock CDs? Do you sell online? Do you ship overseas? How do you get fresh stock? How do you anticipate you customer's desires? So many questions, and so much good insight. Running a record shop is no easy money, but you do get to listen to lots of good music!
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