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b. 1986, HK.

About Us


We Dig Records is an online record shop run by a couple of heavy record collectors who happen to married. We started We Dig Records as a very small project--it was a fun way for us a part with records that we didn't need in order buy more records we wanted. That was back in 2013.

Little by little, we began buying collections in and around the five boroughs of NYC. Meeting people, making contacts, sharpening our eye for detail when grading, and securing a couple good vendors for new stock. What started as a small project blossomed into a small home-office business. Our apartment is now overflowing with shelving units, packing materials, record cleaning supplies (including an Okki Nokki!), and, of course, records. 

We stock all genres of music in our Used inventory, and focus the New inventory on the stuff we really like and want to help make more available to web-shoppers around the world. 

Beyond setting up a shop to sell records, we're here to help record collectors of all ages learn more about their turntables, their favorite artists, and the care in vinyl. New to vinyl and want to know how to set up a turn table? We can help. Been collecting dusty records from garage sales for a decade but aren't sure if you have the best method for cleaning them? Ask us. We want We Dig Records to be seen a friendly space where there are no dumb questions, no 'been-at-it-longer-than-you' elitism, and no "pop-music-is-garbage' snobbery.

We love music, and we will talk about it with anyone. Drop us a line over on Facebook or Twitter